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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Huge Canadian Army Exercise Happening Near Meaford

Meaford | by Cody Misner  

Residents can expect to see soldiers training in the community and are encouraged to interact with them.

Exercise Stalwart Guardian is a combined Canadian Forces exercise of around 1000 soldiers training in Petawawa Ontario and at Meaford Base.

The exercise sees Part time soldiers known as reservists training alongside full time regular force members. In Meaford, Armoured Soldiers and Artillery are conducting various types of training.

Commanding Officer of the Royal Canadian Dragoons Lieutenant colonel (pronounced Lef-ten-ent Kernel) Rob Marios (MARE-wuh) says that joint training between Full and part time soldiers is vital to the Canadian Army's operational readiness.

"In the next battle or the next war we could be standing beside our reservist brothers and sisters and I want to ensure they've been given the opportunity to hone their skills as armoured soldiers."

Marios and his Regimental Sergeant Major Jeremie Leamon have been overseeing all training done by the armoured corps during this exercise.

Having completed the live-fire training phase they will begin conducting various types of patrolling and reconnaissance training in the area surrounding Meaford Base.

Residents between Meaford and Owen Sound may hear explosions or and see armoured vehicles around the area. Marios encourages people to say hello to the soldiers and feel free to chat and ask them questions.

Simultaneously in Petawawa Ontario regular and reserve force members are conducting similar training for military trades like the infantry and supply regiments.

This part of the exercise includes members from Owen Sound's own Grey and Simcoe Foresters.

The exercise will cease on August 23rd.

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