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Monday, August 19, 2019

Bruce County Launches Job Board Website

Bruce County | by John Divinski  

'Jobs In Bruce' will connect employers with job seekers.

Bruce County has launched the region’s most comprehensive job board website.

It will connect employers with job seekers on a single platform, called "Jobs in Bruce."

The problem in Bruce County, like many other regions is labour shortages and workforce challenges in finding the job that fits.

Economic Development Officer Vicky Ly, in an information report to the county Planning and Development Committee on August 15th, says the website will marry job availabilities with job seekers.

Ly says the job board will feature all jobs available in Bruce County, updated daily from national, provincial and local job boards.

In addition, she says the website will provide information, other than job vacancies to help families make decisions about moving to a new location.

The "Jobs in Bruce" database will highlight:  The number of vacant jobs; The types of jobs and skills needed; The community / geographic areas that have job vacancies and the employers that are hiring.

This data is live and updated daily automatically.

You can check out the job board at or

This is a pilot project for 2019 with the website being launched August 15th.

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