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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Consultants Hired for Brucelea Haven

Bruce County | by John Divinski  

Process won't move as quickly as first thought.

The Bruce County Homes Committee has tentatively approved the hiring of TWO consultants to look into the issues at Brucelea Haven Long Term Care Home.

However, they aren't moving ahead as quickly as first thought.

You may recall at the August 1st meeting, the committee was ready to hire a consultant if approved by administration.

At a special meeting yesterday, staff says they have been advised legally to go through an interview process with several candidates, including the one candidate mentioned last week.

Homes Committee chair, Brockton Mayor Chris Peabody says the successful applicant will specifically follow up on the provincial orders regarding Brucelea Haven and the problems it's having with staff retention and staffing levels, "as well as a wide range of issues on how the nursing home operates."

The second consultant, Anne Grant of Toronto, is a workplace mediator, through her experience as a lawyer and a nurse and if approved, will look at the broader picture, conducting 100 interviews.

Council is allowed to hire her without following the process of the first one, since it wasn't an order from the province.

Peabody says he still hopes to have everyone in place by late August with a first report coming back to council in September.

In the meantime, staff schedule changes have been deferred for the time being until the consultants can have a look at what's happening at the home.

Peabody says "It's an extremely bad situation that we got here in Walkerton.  As a councillor and mayor I haven't been through a worse situation since the e-coli crisis," referring to the tainted drinking water issue in Walkerton in 2000, that killed 6 people and made thousands more ill because of the contamination.

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