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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Speaking Out at Brucelea Haven

Walkerton | by John Divinski  

Staff say they are offered limited resources to do their job

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With Bruce County officials scrambling to get Brucelea Haven Long Term Care Home in Walkerton back in the good books of the Ontario Ministry of Health, employees and clients continue to speak out.

The home has received a blistering report recently saying the place is understaffed and as a result cannot provide the services the residents need.

The report suggests understaffing played its part in the deaths of two residents at the home.

Crystal McDonald is a personal support worker at Brucelea for the past 11-years and the chief union steward there.

She says she has seen employees crying in their cars before the start of a shift and after a shift because the workload is so big and "we are offered limited resources" to do the job.

Jane Plant's mom, who's in her 80's, is a resident at the home, who due to post-stroke illness, is paralyzed and unable to speak and Plant is concerned she may not be getting the care she needs.

However, Plant says she doesn't blame the staff saying they're understaffed and overworked and doing the best they can.

Nevertheless, Plant says "We're terrified (of the lack of service) to be honest with you."

She says she'd like to get her mother out of Brucelea but she has nowhere else to go.

The home has been told to halt admissions until their compliance issues are addressed.

Last week, Bruce County Council approved hiring a consultant to come in and assess the problem as quickly as possible.

That person will start August 12th.

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