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Monday, August 5, 2019

Mayor Not Happy With Pipeline Decision

Brockton | by Robyn Garvey  

37 km's of natural gas pipeline is being laid throughout Brockton

37 km's of natural gas pipeline is being laid throughout Brockton, however it will be of no
benefit to local residents within the municipality.


This is because the Ontario Energy Board has ruled that Brockton residents cannot tap into the
pipeline, even if it is in front of their own home.


The pipeline is being laid by EPCOR as part of their newly approved Southern Bruce Region
natural gas pipeline project.


EPCOR had applied to the Ontario Energy Board to allow Brockton residents within 500 meters of
the pipeline to tap in if they so wished.


However Peabody says Enbridge; which is a multinational energy company blocked this and the
Ontario Energy Board agreed with them.


Peabody calls the move petty and says Brockton is not ready to give up as many residents and farmers want access to that pipeline.


This could mean appealing the Ontario Energy Board or making a new application.


In the meantime, Brockton is lobbying the province and calling on both MPP Lisa Thompson and
Bill Walker to join in their fight.


Peabody is also taking a trip to Ottawa mid month to face Enbridge officials and express Brockton's
concerns in person.


Peabody adds Brockton is not alone as neither West Grey or Chatsworth are allowed to tap
into this pipeline despite it also going through their municipality.


Despite not benefitting at all from the gas line, at a recent special Council meeting;
Brockton did enter an agreement with EPCOR to allow the pipeline to pass
through the municipality.


Peabody says Brockton wants to be a good neighbor and realizes without its cooperation it
would cause a major hurdle for EPCOR to extend its gas line to Kincardine,
Arran-Elderslie and Huron Kinloss.

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