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Thursday, August 1, 2019

Podium Finishes for Leary(s)

Brampton | by Bayshore News Staff  

Georgian Bay Coyote Results

courtesy Georgian Bay Coyotes 

from Georgian Bay Coyotes

It was a hot, humid and windy weekend for Ontario’s top “grade 8 and under” athletes at the Minor Track Association Provincial Track and Field Championships.  The meet was held at the Terry Fox Stadium in Brampton, with temperatures hitting close to 28’C both days on July 26-27th.

The Georgian Bay Coyotes Track Club sent a small but strong group of 11 members to take on Ontario’s best.  Six more members were selected to compete, but were unable to make the trek.  Most of our Coyotes handled the heat quite well, while only a couple struggling with the humidity.  Even still, everyone gave 110% and ran their little hearts out.

Saturday morning started the weekend off on a positive note, with Meaford's Emmett Leary [grade 4] taking silver in the Tyke Boys 1200m.  Several other personal best times were posted by our team on Saturday.  Most noteworthy was Ethan Mei [grade 6 Meaford student].  Ethan dropped his Atom Boys 1500m time by 9 seconds and Olivia Latham [grade 5 Owen Sound student], who dropped her Atom girls 1500m time by 4 seconds.  Taryn Weppler [grade 5 Shallow Lake student] improved her 1200m Tyke Girls time by a solid 5 seconds, winning her heat with a significant lead.

Sunday the humidity dropped somewhat after a refreshing rain during the night.  Our gang continued to shine with even more medals and personal best times as the 800m races were the focus for the morning.  Nathan Leary [grade 2 Meaford student] won silver in the Mite Boys 800m, dropping his best time by a whopping 7 seconds.  Ella Kulakowsky [grade 1 Blue Mountains student] grabbed bronze in her Mite Girls 800m race.  She also dropped a whopping 7 seconds off her previous best.

Emmett Leary took his 2nd silver medal of the meet in the Tyke Boys 800m, dropping his time by 3 seconds. Team mate Ethan Milne-Pearson [grade 4 Meaford student] grabbed his first provincial medal - bronze, with a huge 7 second drop in his time.  Ethan Mei had another exceptional race in the Atom Boys 800m.  His best time dropped by a massive 8 seconds, as he lead his heat from start to finish.

Overall it was a very successful Provincial Championship for our young Coyotes.  For the most part, almost everyone handled the heat and humidity well and posted exceptional results.  We brought home 5 medals [3 silver and 2 bronze], posted 12 personal best times out of a possible 20 opportunities, and had 7 top-7 placings.  A final very exciting note is that of the 47 teams competing, our Coyotes placed 14th.  What is really exciting is that we only competed in the distance event with only 11 athletes and had 6 other strong Coyotes not able to compete due to other commitments.  No sprints, no jumps, no throws, no relays...only 12 distance events!

The Team is now on a well deserved two week break.  We meet back again on Saturday, August 10th to begin our Fall cross country training program.  For more information on the Team, check out our website at


[* = personal best time]

Mite Girls 400m [2011-2012]
Ella Kulakowsky [11] - 5th/16 2 1:24.07*

Mite Boys 400m [2011-2012]
Ben Traynor [11] - 5th/16 @ 1:23.09
Nathan Leary [11] - 8th/16 @ 1:32.85

Mite Girls 800m [2011-2012]
Ella Kulakowsky [11] - 3rd/8 @ 3:08.75*

Mite Boys 800m [2011-2012]
Nathan Leary [11] - 2nd/9 @ 3:05.86*
Ben Traynor [11] - 4th/9 @ 3:17.46

Tyke Girls 800m [2009-2010]
Taryn Weppler [10] - 6th/13 @ 2:59.35*
Remyelle Grady [10] - 10th/13 @ 3:08.59

Tyke Boys 800m [2009-2010]
Emmett Leary [09] - 2nd/15 @ 2:44.88*
Ethan Milne-Pearson [09] - 3rd/15 @ 2:45.89*
Mason Bell [09] - 10th/15 @ 2:56.81*

Atom Girls 800m [2007-2008]
Olivia Latham [08] - 15th/32 @ 2:43.04

Atom Boys 800m [2007-2008]
Ethan Mei [07] - 10th/34 @ 2:34.10 *

Tyke Girls 1200m [2009-2010]
Taryn Weppler [09] - 7th/13 @ 4:43.96*
Remyelle Grady [09] - 11th/13 @ 4:54.56

Tyke Boys 1200m [2009-2010]
Emmett Leary [09] - 2nd/16 @ 4:15.12
Mason Bell [09] - 4th/16 @ 4:27.30
Ethan Milne-Pearson [09] - 5th/16 @ 4:27.45*

Atom Girls 1500m [2007-2008]
Olivia Latham [08] - 10th/21 @ 5:36.75*

Atom Boys 1500m [2007-2008]
Ethan Mei [07] - 8th/29 @ 5:11.29*
Kaj Kulakowsky [08] - 20th/29 @ 5:33.87

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