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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Plovers Take Flight

Sauble Beach | by Megan Johnson  

Only two Piping Plovers, out of eight eggs laid survived to travel South

Photo of the male Piping Plover Chick. Photo Submitted 

And it's down to one Piping Plover left on the sands of Sauble Beach, however Plover Lover, Education Coordinator - Kirsten Snoek believes the lone male chick might have actually started his journey down South. 

"Now we just have one chick left on the beach, it just seems to me that he's just fattening up and getting ready for his trip down south... he might have even left already in the last day or two, he hasn't been seen. We're just trying to keep an eye out for him for the next few days confirm because he does move all over the beach and likes to hide."

Up until two weeks ago the male chick was accompanied by one other sibling and his father, however...Snoek says those endangered family members have already started their journey to warmer Southern temperatures.

There were two nest created this year, Nest #1 saw four chicks hatch from four egg laid with ultimately only two surviving. 

Nest #2 began with four eggs with only two hatching and Snoek says from "predation" both chicks did not survive and their parents left Sauble Beach in early July after their nest "totally failed".

The birds that did survive were banded with numbers and were logged.

Snoek says Sauble Beach is "doing their best" with a "beach management plan that has not been fully been set-out yet".

"We had a little bit of raking form the Town but they had let us know beforehand and had worked with biologist that they had brought in from elsewhere... and we were there to make sure they were following guidelines that they were given."

The Education Coordinator says there were mostly positive response form the public to this season's endangered birds.

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