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Friday, July 26, 2019

Police Warn of "Grandparent Scam"

West Grey | by Bayshore News Staff  

Fraudsters preying on seniors by inciting fear a close relative is in danger and needs funds.

West Grey Police are warning about a scam targeting seniors in the area.

Police say fraudsters in the area have been using a trick known as the "grandparent scam". According to police, residents in West Grey have reported falling victim to or receiving fraudulent calls using the scam that targets seniors by preying on their generosity towards close family.

In a typical grandparent scam, police say the con artist calls or emails the victim posing as a relative in distress or a professional claiming to represent the relative -- such as a lawyer or police officer.

The fraudster posing as the relative then explains he or she is in trouble and needs their grandparent to wire them funds to be used for a fictitious expense, such as hospital bills, lawyer's fees or bail money.

Police say the scam has targeted seniors across Ontario and many have lost thousands of dollars.
"When it comes to fraud, criminals have set their sights on seniors with grandchildren," a statement from West Grey Police explains. "Emergency frauds usually target loving grandparents, taking advantage of their emotions to rob them of their money."

West Grey Police ask that you take time to speak to your loved ones, especially those most vulnerable, to help educate them on these common scams.

For more information on scams and how to protect yourselves from them, you can visit

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