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Monday, July 22, 2019

Compliance Issues At Brucelea Haven

Walkerton | by Robyn Garvey  

The long term care home has stopped taking residents until it complies with Ministry.

All admissions have been suspended at Brucelea Haven until the Long Term Care Facility is in full compliance with Ministry orders.

It's part of a Ministry of Health and Long Term Care 2019 inspection report that is being released this week.

The report includes two Director Orders and a number of steps that must be taken to bring Brucelea Haven into full compliance.

The first Directors Order involves the suspension of admissions; the second Order requires Brucelea Haven to engage an external consultant who will develop recommendations on how the Home can become fully compliant again.

Homes Committee Chair Chris Peabody says Bruce County is striving to do all it can to support employees, and he says that begins with respect.
He says the compliance issues at Brucelea Haven stem from employee retention problems, a problem Peabody says the County needs to get to the bottom of and address immediately.

Recommendations will be provided on how to attract and retain PSWs and registered staff as well as suggestions on how to improve coaching and support to administrators and directors of care will also come out of the Consultants Report.

Peabody says over the last six months County Council has been unified in providing additional dollars and support to Brucelea Haven to improve this situation.

In fact at their last meeting, Peabody says the County dedicated an additional 120 thousand unbudgeted dollars to Brucelea Haven in an attempt to address some of the compliance issues in advance.

In a release, the County of Bruce states the Ministry of Health acknowledges the challenges that Brucelea Haven has faced to deliver the expected standard of care to residents.

The release goes on to say " We have not reached the Ministry of Health standard nor our own, however we are continuing to work hard to implement the improvements that will help us reach this goal."

Among the steps taken to date include:

-The recruitment of two Directors of Care, one for Clinical and the other for Quality and Standards.

-A Request for Proposal for a workplace cultural review.

-Development of a new schedule to increase the consistent provision of baths to residents.

-Establishing a lineal are Coordinator and addition RN Support position.

-Hiring 13 PSW's in the past two month, with Brucelea now boasting the highest staffing levels in the home since the summer of 2014.

-Ratification of a new collective agreement with UNIFOR

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