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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Walker House Wins Heritage Award

Southampton | by Megan Johnson  

The Award was given by local heritage group the Southampton Cultural Heritage Conservancy

The Southampton Cultural Heritage Conservancy (SCHC) which is made up of local heritage activist presented the groups first award to the Walker House of Southampton.

 The restaurant which is a constitution in Southampton received the Award of Excellence at a ceremony held 13 July, 2019.

 The award was given to Walker House owners, Mary Putnam and Robert Ho, for their vision and commitment shown in the restoration of this iconic heritage building.

The group says, “as one of the first structures built in the 1850's, the Walker House spans three centuries as a hotel and restaurant. Its recent restoration showcases Southampton’s signature yellow-brick streetscape.”

 Owned and operated by the Walker family from1915 - 2013, the SCHC says its current owners purchased the restaurant to save it from becoming a franchise for a commercial chain.

 Owner Mary Putnan said during the ceremony, “there are so many of us who have a personal history and passion for this place, the people, and the Town of Southampton, we couldn’t let that happen.”  

Sheila Latham, a SCHC Director says the Walker House is an example of “keeping our heritage alive while modernizing for the future,”.

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