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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

New 'The Cat Lady Case' Podcast Uncovers More About Chilling Muskoka Cold Case

Muskoka | by Matt Sitler  

Local Journalist Zander Sherman’s new CBC Uncover Podcast ‘The Cat Lady Case’ has just been binge released....

With a new podcast covering a chilling Muskoka cold case, local journalist Zander Sherman is still seeking tips that could ultimately solve the mystery.

Sherman’s new CBC Uncover Podcast ‘The Cat Lady Case’ has just been binge released.  It’s six episodes long at 30 minutes in length each episode. Currently, the series sits atop the charts at Apple Podcasts.

Its story concerns the disappearance of four Muskoka seniors from the Huntsville area between 1998 and 1999 - Joan Lawrence, who was known as the ‘cat lady’, Ralph Grant, John Crofts and John Semple.

The Cat Lady, for whom the podcast is named, was a well-known elderly Huntsville character who lived in the area for many years.

Sherman says the 77 yr old was often seen on side of the road carrying groceries and says she didn’t talk much about herself, or about where she lived.

Around the time of her disappearance, Sherman says she seemed to have been living west of Huntsville around an old paper factory.

Some of the podcast's startling revelations come from several people who are breaking their silence about what they know about the case, finally, after 20 years. (Above audio)

Until recently, the OPP have been tight-lipped about the case, but Sherman says this podcast does have a surprising ending and it involves the police.

Earlier Sherman had told Country 102 that the project would include actual searches for bodies and it turns out he did in fact conduct two cadaver dog searches at two separate locations.

He says these occurred after he received tips from two individuals. The results, he says, were very interesting.

Uncover’s ‘the Cat Lady Case’ podcast is available anywhere you can download podcasts.

You can also find out more about it, plus a trailer for the series at

At this point, Sherman feels he’s as close to telling as complete a version of the story that anyone could tell.

He reminds that he is still seeking information about the case and that any tips can be provided to him through his website at

Another interesting fact - Sherman co-composed the music score of the series with Rory Jordan Stevens via the duo's group Larch, something of a dream come true for the local journalist, as he’d always wanted to write the score for an important piece of work.

He says the CBC will be releasing the soundtrack separately at some point in the near future.

For a link to directly listen to the new podcast series, click here



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