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Friday, July 5, 2019

Council Recognizes Local Youth for Work on Endangered Birds

Georgian Bluffs | by Cody Misner  

Mayor Dwight Burley took a moment to recognize 13-year-old Ms. Islay Graham.

During the opening minutes of the latest council meeting Mayor Dwight Burley took a moment to recognize 13-year-old  Islay Graham.

Graham was given a certificate of achievement for her work in science fair projects. She conducted three investigations into how beach maintenance impacts the Great Lakes Piping Plovers, a small beach dwelling bird species.

Speaking on her commitment to Burley says ''This is a great young woman from our area who is doing amazing work for local wildlife.''

Graham received a gold medal for her work on the project and went on to a Canada wide science fair in New Brunswick, where she received an entry scholarship to Western University.

During these investigations she observed over 600 types of behaviours, including the birds spending 50%of their time among beach debris, debris that is often cleaned up by workers.

She found that beach clean up was impacting the habitat of these birds and could threaten them in the future.  

Graham says she isn't sure where this success will take her but she is excited ''I am defiantly looking into more STEM programs in the future. '' Graham says.

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