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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Hanover Hospital Gets Glowing Reviews

Hanover | by Robyn Garvey  

Results of a survey of patients and hospital staff were overwhelmingly positive.

A survey conducted of staff and patients has provided the Hanover and District Hospital (HDH) with some important feedback.

86 per cent of staff rated HDH as a good, very good or excellent place to work and 100 per cent of physicians polled rated they were satisfied or very satisfied to practice medicine at HDH .

Hospital President Dana Howes is very pleased with the results saying HDH strives to work collaboratively with staff as a team to ensure workplace morale.

She says this means listening and working with staff to address concerns, questions or suggestions.

Howes says a happy staff usually translates to happier patients.

This is evident by the 98 per cent of inpatients and 92 per cent of ER patients polled who says they would recommend HDH to family and friends.

This glowing report card does not mean there is no room for growth.

Over the last year there has been 27 workplace violence incidents in which a patient or hospital patron has physically lashed out at staff.

In an effort to improve safety, the Hospital now has a full time security guard that staffs the ER every night to ensure that the night nurse is never alone.

Additional security measure implemented included the requirement of a staff swipe card to enter any staff only sections of the Hospital.


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