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Friday, June 28, 2019

Hanover Has Its First Ever Culture Plan

Hanover | by Robyn Garvey  

Town hopes to build economy and creative industries around culture.

It’s been a year in the works, but it is now complete. 

Hanover has approved its first ever Cultural Plan.

The new culture plan says Mayor Sue Paterson will help shape Hanover’s identity and share its story.

The plan which was created through public engagement and consultation includes 4 strategic directions, 2 governance recommendations and 15 action plans and 36 tactics to take on over a 5 year timeline.

The 4 strategic directions include:

-Enable Cultural Investments with Supportive Municipal Policy

-Leverage Creativity and Culture to Attract and Retain People as Key Drivers
of Innovative and Economic Growth

-Create an Environment Where Enhanced Cultural Activities Can Take Place

-Implement a Recognizable Cultural Identity for the Town

Consultant Lauren Miller says the 15 action plans provide the Town with suggestions on how they can tactically take on these recommendations while keeping in mind budget restraints.

Some of these recommendations include:

-Investing in cultural facilities,

-Advocating for the creation of spaces for cultural industries and

-Establishing a Cultural Team and

-Convening an Annual Cultural Summit.

Local Artist and Member of the Culture Steering Committee Bev Morgan applauds the new Culture Plan.

She says there are so many talented local artist who have no where to showcase their talents.

It is her hope that this new Culture Plan will forge the way to providing more spaces to showcase Hanover’s arts and culture and foster a deeper commitment in cultural development within the Town.

The intent of Hanover’s Culture plan is produce a strategic guide on how Hanover can develop and invest in its cultural resources to advance economic and wider community development objectives.

The vision of the plan: where culture is a cornerstone upon which vibrant resilient, competive and creative industries are built around.

Miller notes culture has a direct link with tourism and can serve as an economic driver for Hanover.

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