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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Hanover's Community Trail To Extend Into New Subdivision

Hanover | by Robyn Garvey  

Hanover approves a major subdivision project on the east side of Town.

Hanover has provided its stamp of approval on a major subdivision project
that will be located on the east side of Town

The 98 home subdivision will include single homes, semi detached and five
quad plex units.

This project will be developed in two phases over the next ten years.

Developer Joerg Weller is eager to get the shovel in the ground which will
happen once the project receives County approval.

Work will begin this Summer and into the Fall to get all of the
infrastructure in place.

Weller says by June of 2020 lots will be ready for the market.

Business Partner Jason Long calls it a golden opportunity.

He says there is a real need for more development in Hanover, and less land
to do it on.

In lieu of providing Hanover with a parkland donation, Weller says Hanover
will be extending its community trail system to loop through the development

This means the main Community Trails will extend beyond the soccer field
trail area across the highway towards Buck’s Crossing (golf course) and loop
through the subdivision go back behind Walmart and loop back to Town’s east
end trail.

Chief Building Official Don Tedford says the loop will be a welcomed addition
to the Hanover Community Trail system.

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