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Thursday, June 20, 2019

No Aerobatics At Saugeen Airport

Hanover | by Robyn Garvey  

Saugeen Municipal Airport not hosting Canadian National Aerobatics Competition.

The Saugeen Municipal Airport will not be hosting the 50th anniversary of the Canadian National Aerobatics Competition.

This could mean a cancellation of the national competition.

The Collingwood Airport was the original venue for the 50th Anniversary Canadian National Aerobatics Competition.

However the Collingwood Airport recently changed hands and according to Aerobatics Spokesperson Larry Erenewein, that the new private owner decided in the eleventh hour against taking on the National Competition at this time.

This left Aerobatics Canada scrambling to find an airport to host the three day August event. (August 15 to 18th)

Because the Saugeen Municipal Airport has successfully hosted the Aerobatic Competition at least a dozen times in the last twenty years, Ernewein was hoping to move the venue to Hanover.

Unfortunately, for Aerobatics Canada, the Saugeen Municipal Airport Commission has denied the request.

Commissioner Chair Dan Gieruszak notes due to the last minute nature of the request, there was simply not enough time to provide the due diligence that an event of this nature would require.

Geiruszak says the Saugeen Municipal Airport has a reputation of providing exceptional events and to rush an event such as this one would be a mistake.

Ernewein calls it disappointing but understandable given the late notice.

It is his fear that unless a new venue is found soon, the 50th Anniversary of the National Aerobatics Competition will be cancelled.

Geiruszak says the Saugeen Municipal Airport is willing to discuss future events with Aerobatics Canada.

Local pilot Phil Englishman is very disappointed with the Saugeen Municipal Airport Commissioners.

Given the long and successful history Aerobatics Canada shares with the Saugeen Municipal Airport, Englishman believes there is still enough time to pull this event off in quality fashion.

He cites the loss of the economic spin offs this competition would have brought to the region including airport fuels sales, hotel fees and local shopping.

Englishman believes the three day event would have served as a strong economic driver for the region.

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