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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Art Gallery Features Three New Summer Exhibitions

Owen Sound | by Cody Misner  

The gallery has also recently switched to summer hours with all admissions by donation.

Summertime has come to the Tom Thomson Art Gallery with three new unique exhibitions now open.  

The first one can be found throughout the gallery and can even be purchased. The 100 Squares Exhibition displays pieces sent in by local artists of all ages. These little squares feature everything from unique designs to landmarks that will be familiar to Grey County residents. The little art works can be purchased for a fee set by the artist and helps support local talent.

The next two exhibitions are very different yet smartly intertwined. The first is called Earth Etchings and features artwork all done by one man, Richard Watts.  The artwork highlights the impressions made by Canadian wilderness. One interesting theme that becomes apparent is the artists interest in canoes.

"He really has an interest in the canoe and how it's been used to carry people throughout time" says Contemporary Art Coordinator, Heather McLeese.

Another theme is the human impact on the environment however this theme is not directly up front upon immediately viewing the art, it becomes more clear after spending some time among the pieces.
The final exhibition is known as Trains, Planes, Automobiles and Boats. These pieces highlight the many forms of transportation humans have developed over the years in the form of photographs, paintings and sculptures. There is even a motorcycle covered fully in shiny sequins on display.

McLeese feels these two exhibits are the perfect pairing saying "It's very timely. Climate change and human impact is an important topic right now and what people are doing in the environment. It's a very good fit for our busy season." She said.

The exhibitions will be open until the fall however the 100 Squares are only sticking around until the end of August. The gallery has also recently switched to summer hours with all admissions by donation.

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