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Sunday, June 16, 2019

Brockton Withdrawing Road Fee

Brockton | by Robyn Garvey  

Council learns its new $100 road fee is not actually allowable.

Brockton needs to revise its 2019 budget, after council discovered a new fee it created along side of the original budget is not allowable.

Brockton has withdrawn its 100 dollar per household road infrastructure fee that it implemented during the 2019 budget process.

This roads fee or levy was created with the purpose of tackling the many road infrastructure projects within the municipality.

However Brockton has since discovered that this road fee is unlawful and the Ministry of Finance will not allow it.

Under the legislation, Peabody says a fee must go directly to something each household uses, such as the landfill.

Mayor Chris Peabody says the 100 dollar road fee levy was meant to help Brockton tackle its roads which he describes as being in rough shape.

So much so, that Peabody notes that the Province gave Brockton a D minus on a provincial road report card.

With the roads fee now withdrawn, Brockton needs to revise and reset its budget.

This revised budget is expected to increase the original overall tax increase of 2.84% to 5.5%.

A rate increase that Peabody opposes.

The 2019 Tax Rate By-Law and an amended 2019 fees and Charges By-Law will be brought before Council on June 18th for approval.

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