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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Plover Lovers Looking to Train Volunteers

Sauble Beach | by Megan Johnson  

Currently there are two nests on Sauble Beach

With two Piping Plover nests on Sauble Beach the Plovers Lovers are hoping to find volunteers to assist in public education and monitoring of the endangered species and will be holding an information meeting this Wednesday (June 5th) from 7 p.m., at the Huron Feathers Centre (303 Lakeshore Blvd, N) in Sauble Beach.

Outreach Education Coordinator for the Plover Lovers - Kirsten Snoek (Snook) says both nests have eggs that will be hatching at the end of the month, and they're looking for volunteers to lookout for the birds during busy weekends and throughout the summer months.

"They can volunteer as much as they want," says Snoek, adding students can receive reference letters from Bird Studies Canada.  

The Plover lover says they have four returning birds that have made nests on the beach and bird watchers spotted two single birds in May. The two visiting birds travelled elsewhere after not finding mates. And so far, the chicks that hatched last year, have not been spotted.

Two areas of Sauble Beach have been sectioned off (North end of 11th street and North of the Huron Feathers Church) with each securing a 50 metre radius around each nest. "It's not totally perfect because we have high water levels this year," says Snoek.

Over the years Snoek believes that beach goers have become supportive of the need to section off parts of the beach. "I think for the most part people are pretty supportive. People come out specifically to see the birds and I think that's a great tourism opportunity for the town."

Adding, "there's always a little bit of back and forth when the beach is not being raked, you always get a little bit of negativity but for  the most its overall  positive from the public."

She says their main goal is to protect the endangered bird. "We want to protect bio-diversity as a whole and it's their traditional historical nesting site and I think we need to do our part to keep it that way."

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