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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Brockton Council to Vote on OPP Contract

Brockton | by Robyn Garvey  

New agreement will be up for approval next week.

Brockton Councilors are mulling over a draft OPP contract that will come before Council for approval on June 4th.

OPP officials met with Council this week to go over the draft agreement.

OPP Detachment Commander Inspector Krista Miller hopes to continue to the good working relationship Brockton has with the OPP.

She says her officers provide residents with a vital service with public safety remaining their top priority.

The current OPP contract with Brockton expires in June, and a such Brockton and the OPP are finalizing a new agreement.

Under the proposed agreement the annualized 2019 estimated OPP costs for Brockton come in just shy of 2.1 million dollars ( $2,099,939) which works out to be $462 dollars per cost per household.

This represents a $7.56 increase per household from the previous year.

Even with the increase, Mayor Chris Peabody says the cost per household is far more reasonable than what it was five years ago when it was around the $700 mark per household.

Under the OPP billing model, there is no year by year cost estimate in the agreement, as each year the annualized estimate is set in the Fall before the new year begins.

This means that the 2020 OPP estimated annualized cost for Brockton will be set this Fall.

The draft agreement includes Base Service, Calls for Service, Overtime, Court Security, Prisoner Transportation, Accommodation/Cleaning Service for a grand total coming in just shy of 2.1 million dollars for the 2019 year.

Base Service - 891 thousand
Calls For Service - 925 thousand
Overtime - 54 thousand 
Court Security 269 thousand
Prisoner Transportation - 11 thousand 
Accommodation/Cleaning - 23 thousand 
(There is a 75 thousand dollar year end adjustment to bring the total cost down to $2.1 million)

Next to General Government, Policing represents the biggest line on Brockton’s budget.

Brockton Councilors will vote to accept or reject the proposed OPP agreement on Tuesday June 4th.

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