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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Hanover Hospital Hosts Medical Students

Hanover | by Robyn Garvey  

Discovery Week introduces first year medical students to rural medicine.

As part of Discovery Week, the Hanover and District Hospital has opened its doors wide to first year University of Western medical students,

This is the second week of the two week program.

The goal of Discovery Week is to introduce first year medical students to the world of rural medicine and hopefully inspire them to pursue a career in this field.

Medical student Rutik Patel who hails from Toronto says he has always had an interest in rural medicine, and this past week has provided him with an even deeper appreciation for the practice.

Patel praises the Discovery Week program saying he was provided with a lot more hands on experience than he expected.

He adds the local physicians have done a great job making the students feel welcomed and at a home at the Hanover and District Hospital.

Med Student Fuad Chowdhury who also hails from Toronto agrees saying it has been an eye opening experience.

After spending a week shadowing doctors, Chowdhury says he now sees the appeal of rural medicine.

Both medical students say the experience they gained at the Hanover and District Hospital will assist them in their future medical studies.

Hanover and District Hospital Physician Recruitment Chair Mark Rogan says the whole idea behind the program at Western is to introduce students to rural medicine.

He says many of these students have not ever experienced rural living, so this program offers them the opportunity to shadow local doctors and catch a glimpse of what this region has to offer.

It is his hope that the experience will indeed inspire some of these med students to consider rural family practice in the future.

He says it is a lot harder to showcase rural medicine and living after a medical student has already completed three or four years of medical training; because by that time he says they typically have a pretty good idea as to the type of medicine they want to practice.

By inviting first year medical students to rural hospitals like Hanover, Rogan says it catches them early in the game and plants the seed which will hopefully grow.

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