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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Hospital To Meet With Police About ER Safety

Hanover | by Robyn Garvey  

Hanover's ER is looking to police for help after experiencing an increase of violence.

The Hanover and District Hospital is hosting a special meeting on June
3rd with police in the South Grey and Bruce Region.

In light of the ongoing issue with substance abuse and the increased level of
violence that the Emergency Department is experiencing, the Hanover and District
Hospital is reaching out to police officials in the region for help and

The meeting on June 3rd will center around the discussion of
creating a joint hospital and police protocol when dealing with substance abuse
ER visits.

President Dana Howes says over the last few years the number of substance
abuse ER visits have risen significantly, and with that the amount of aggressive
behaviour that staff must contend with.

Howes says the Hospital has serious concerns for the safety of staff, of
other patients as well as the patient presenting with substance abuse

It has become so concerning that Howes says it was time to spearhead an
initiative with police in the region on how to best tackle this very difficult

By tapping into the expertise of police, Howes hopes to arm staff with better
knowledge, tactics and skills on how to best handle violent or aggressive
behavior in the ER.

The goal of the meeting is to work out a joint process between ER staff and
police on best practices when providing ER care for a person under the influence
of a substance.

The June 3rd meeting says Howes will hopefully be just the
beginning of an ongoing dialogue and partnership between the Hospital and

Howes says the safety of patients and staff are a key priority for the
Hanover and District Hospital.


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