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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Collingwood Judicial Inquiry

Collingwood | by Catherine Thompson  

CFO of CollusPowerStream in 2012 raises eyebrows over reported payments to Paul Bonwick's company.

The hearing for the Collingwood Judicial Inquiry hasn't gotten to as many witnesses by now as planned.

The inquiry team has received some witness evidence through affidavits.

One of the affidavits is from Cindy Shuttleworth who in October 2012 became the CFO of CollusPowerStream, replacing Tim Fryer who is also a witness.

The inquiry is looking into the sale of half of the town's electric utility, Collus, to PowerStream in 2012.

Shuttleworth says she received a 15 thousand dollar bonus for her work on the sale as did others, but the one of note is Paul Bonwick who is the brother of then Mayor Sandra Cooper.

Cindy Shuttleworth says Collus PowerStream made two payments of 15 thousand dollars each to Bonwick's company, Compenso. But she also says she was directed to cancel the second payment.

The 30 thousand dollars has been revealed in the Foundation Document that the Inquiry team is using as the basis for the hearing proceedings, but this is the first time the payment has come up during the hearing.

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