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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Hanover Strategic Plan Update

Hanover | by Robyn Garvey  

The new $10,000 plan will serve as tool for Council in its future decision making.

Hanover is updating its Strategic Plan.

The plan will serve as useful tool for Council in its future decision making.

CAO Brian Tocheri says it became apparent during the 2019 budget process that it was time to update Hanover‘s strategic plan.

He says an updated plan will provide Councilors with direction as to what Hanover’s key priorities and goals are when it comes to budgets and decision making.

Mayor Sue Paterson agrees saying the new strategic plan will serve as a guiding document for all Council decisions that will not only serve the current council term but also possibly the next.

The last time Hanover updated its strategic plan was 2015 in which 21 objectives were identified as priorities for Hanover.

Thankfully, Tocheri notes that the new plan will be able to draw from a number of studies and reports that Hanover has undertaken in the last three years.

This includes Hanover’s new: Asset Management Plan, the Parks and Recreation Master Plan, the Culture Plan as well as a Service Delivery Review.

The strategic plan will also help identify the challenges Hanover is facing, indicate what the regional economy is dictating, voice issues in Town as well as provide updated demographic information.

Work on the new strategic plan will begin immediately and should be complete by the end of August.

Tocheri says the strategic plan process will include public consultation (community survey), workshops, focus groups discussions as well as Senior staff and Council input.

A consultant has been contracted to facilitate and update Hanover’s strategic plan at a cost of 10 thousand dollars.

This will be financed from the Municipal Modernization Funding in which Hanover received 605 thousand dollars from.


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