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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Beachers Association Asks for Pause on Planned Work

Saugeen Shores | by Megan Johnson  

The community group is unhappy with water outflow plans, whereas the Town says it's needed

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A parkette in Gobles Grove will be getting a facelift during Phase 1 work on Bruce County Road 25 because of storm water collection and the implementation of a new bicycle friendly stop and pathway. 

The parkette has been looked after by the Port Elgin and Saugeen Beacher's who are on board with the new bicycle pathway and stop, but sour on the planned sewer project for the area, 

As a result, they've contacted the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks asking to pause the issuance of the Environmental Compliance Approval permit for Phase 1 work, "pending resolution of their concerns and public input."

Beacher's President Greg Schmaltz believes the Phase 1 main pipe on County Road 25, near the top of the hill (near UNIFOR), would be the best place for an underground infiltration bed, "thus minimizing the need for a pipe to the beach, and if there is a pipe to the beach it only becomes active in those one in 100 events."

He also says his group is "not receiving appropriate clarification on issues surrounding their parkette.  We believe the public has been locked out of the process to date from the standpoint of recommending our preferred option."

Saugeen Shores Director of Infrastructure & Development Amanda Froese says, the town has been in communication with the Beacher's and the plan for Phase 1 is low impact development. "taking rain water and putting it back in the ground as soon as you can through perforated pipes." 

She says water will seep out of pipe along the way because it's not contained inside the pipe and Phase 2 will see infiltration, "that's where we have the proper distance to the ground water table."

"The perforated pipe is not in Phase 1 because it's too close to ground water - in Phase 1 a perforated pipe is not feasible above the groundwater table (needs to be 1 metre above groundwater table), Phase 2 it is, and future development sites have to include it as well. It's part of the MOE standard requirement and in lieu of doing perforated pipes we have included low-impact development concepts to the outlet design, which includes a plunge pool," to allow water to soak into the groundwater level.

The Beacher's Association says they're also unhappy with the lack of public outreach on the project and think the municipality did not do enough to attract public comment.

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