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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Concerns Over Lake Rosalind Proposed Build

Brockton | by Robyn Garvey  

Zoning amendment application draws public comment.

A number of Lake Rosalind residents filled Brockton Council chambers earlier this week, to express concern over an Official Plan and Zoning Amendment Application.

The proposal involves severing a 0.79 hectare parcel of forested land on Lake Rosalind Road Number 4 into two lots with a plan to build a bungalow on each.

Lake Rosalind Property Owners Association Director John McDougal says his Association has some concerns that they would like addressed.

In particular, he says lake residents want confirmation that the proposed development project will not have a negative impact on the lake water quality.

He says their concern stems from the additional strain they fear that two new septic tanks will have on Lake Rosalind, a lake that already has water quality concerns.

McDougal adds the fact that a recent municipal report indicated that Lake Rosalind’s municipal water system is almost at capacity is another concern.

McDougal also questions the size of the proposed two new lots , saying it is his understanding that the new lots do not conform with the Official Plan.

McDougal says the Lake Rosalind Property Owners Association is not opposed to development, they are simply asking necessary questions and seeking out further clarification on the proposed project.

Other Lake residents also expressed concern over how many trees would have to be cleared out for the building project. The lot is located on a forested area of land across the road from the lake.

Mayor Chris Peabody says Council is taking all of these concerns into consideration adding that the proposed project has three pieces to it: 
-Consent Application to create a new lot 
-Zoning Amendment application to rezone a portion of the existing lot -from Environmental Protection to Inland Lake -Residential which would implement the proposed the Official Plan Amendment 
-Official Plan Amendment to re-designate a partially cleared area of the lot from ‘Hazard Land’ to Inland Lake Residential”

This will require both County and Municipal approvals as well as a public meeting.

And after all of this, Peabody says if the applications receive approval, the matter can be still be appealed

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