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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Cenotaph in Southampton is in Need of Repair

Saugeen Shores | by John Divinski  

Beyond repairs, the Southampton Legion would also like to add a wall of remembrance

One of the focal points in Southampton is in need of repair.

John Willetts, in a presentation to Saugeen Shores councillors, says the Cenotaph is starting to show signs of old age and will need repair soon.

Willetts says he hopes stakeholders, along with the town, will help with any project for the Cenotaph at the corner of High and Huron Streets.

He says, "It's a beautiful location (and) such an important part of our cultural and natural heritage that we want to make sure that we respect that."

Willetts says besides repairing any work on the Cenotaph itself, it's hoped they will be able to add a "Wall of Remembrance," to what's already there.

There was no decision for council to make but Mayor Luke Charbonneau says he's confident the town will be a willing partner in any work on the project much like they helped the Port Elgin Legion when its Cenotaph Park was being developed  in that community.

Willetts doesn't expect any work to begin for a couple of years and has no idea of how much such a plan would cost.

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