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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Move Over Campaign

Saugeen Shores | by Megan Johnson  

Saugeen Shores Police warn motorist to move over when they see Emergency Vehicles

Did you know that slowing down and moving over for emergency vehicles isn't just courtesy but it's also the law?

When an ambulance, police, fire emergency vehicle or tow truck are stopped on the side of the road with its emergency lights flashing, drivers in the lane next to it must slow down and, where possible and if it’s safe to do so, change lanes.

Until April 23 (Tuesday) Saugeen Shores Police will be enforcing a focus on the issue.

They say on April 15th (Monday), one driver was issued a $490 ticket, which when convicted includes 3 demerit points.

With a large supply of volunteer firefighters on hand, it should also be reminded that if a green flashing light can be seen, the driver is on their way to assist the Saugeen Shores Fire Dept.

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