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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Local Emergency Services Expect Deplays Once 10th Street Construction Begins

Owen Sound | by Bayshore News Staff  

The Inter-Township Fire Department will be working closely with departments in Owen Sound, Meaford and Chatsworth

The Inter-Township Fire Department is preparing for the impacts that the 10th Street Bridge Construction will make on their operations.

The construction will cut off a main route from one side of the city to the other and condense traffic towards the 8th St and 9th St Bridges. These will also be the only routes for members of emergency services to cross the city quickly.

The Inter-Township Fire Department has established deals with other departments like Owen Sound, Meaford and Chatsworth to ensure that there will always be available personnel to respond to any calls.

In Owen Sound this has meant relocating some resources.  An Inter-Township vehicle will be sent to the Owen Sound Department for use by Inter-Township firefighters on the east side. Likewise an Owen Sound Department vehicle and EMS vehicle will be placed at the Inter-Township department to ensure coverage of the west side.

This will allow for firefighters to have access to essential equipment regardless of where they are in town.

Acting Fire Chief for the Inter-Township Department Jeff Gautreau spoke about the delays in response time to Meaford Council Monday night to inform them of the changes.

"We know our response time will be delayed but we can't anticipate by how much. We are a fluid group so we will be ever changing to improve our standard of operations." Gautreau said.

The construction on the bridge begins in fall of 2019.

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