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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Province Pulls Funding for Well 3 Upgrade

Shelburne | by Phil DeLand  

The Town was expecting $1.5-million but instead will get a little more than $500,000 to fix the arsenic issue.

The provincial government pulled funding that was supposed to help fix a water issue in the Town of Shelburne.

Council said last night that an expected $1.5-million from the Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund isn't coming.

That money was to be used to help pay for the upgrades to Well 3 which currently has arsenic levels that exceed the governments standards.

Instead, the money was spread out to the communities that are experiencing this issue with Shelburne getting $546,666.

Council voted last night to use all of that money plus $200,000 from the water reserves towards the project which could cost between $1.7-million and $2.1-million.

The balance of the project will be done using a debenture from Infrastructure Canada.

Council has also directed staff to put together a repayment timeline.

The Ontario Drinking Water Standards (ODWS) reduced the allotted arsenic levels from 25 micrograms per litre to 10 micrograms per litre.

That happened on January 1st meaning the town's wells fell into non-compliance.

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