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Sunday, April 7, 2019

Dry Spell For Non-Nuclear Apprenticeships

Grey Bruce | by John Divinski  

Non-nuclear industries are having trouble attracting and retaining workers.

The economic boom that the Bruce Power refurbishment is creating in the region is apparently also causing an economic dryspell for some non-nuclear industries.

Two Bruce county councillors brought the concerns to the county's Executive Committee.

South Bruce Deputy Mayor Mark Goetz and Brockton Mayor Chris Peabody both say they support nuclear however the county councillors want to caution others that with the good, comes challenges for others, particularly when it comes to apprenticeship programs.

Mark Goetz says non-nuclear industries are feeling the pinch.

Chris Peabody agrees saying welding shops, industries that employ machinists, electricians and tool and die workers, "are having trouble retaining workers and getting new workers and that's creating a crisis for them."

Goetz believes the senior levels of government need to step in and help employers with the costs of apprentices especially after the initial investment is made by the non-nuclear industries, only to lose the apprentices mid-stream to higher-paying nuclear jobs.

He, along with Mayor Peabody, say they don't begrudge workers going for better paying jobs, but the pressure it puts on smaller industries through loss of employees, has to be addressed.

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