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Monday, April 8, 2019

Hanover Trail Safety Action Plan

Hanover | by Robyn Garvey  

Eyes and Ears Volunteers to launch to patrol trails.

In late February Hanover hosted a very well attended Trail Safety meeting with the community.

Since that time staff and police have come up with a plan to address the safety concerns expressed by the public that night.

Using the suggestions from the public, Recreation Director Sherri Walden says the Town and police have come with up with an action plan to enhance the safety of Hanover‘s trail system.

The action plan has three parts: police patrol, volunteer ‘eyes and ears’ and trail markers.

Hanover Police have agreed to dedicate 12 hours per month from mid May to mid September patrolling the main and secondary trails.

This will involve the purchase of bike patrol equipment which is estimated to cost 7 thousand dollars. Police will be asking for community donations to help. (approaching service clubs)

The next action item involves ‘Eyes and Ears Volunteers’. 

These are volunteers who regularly use the trails who will wear identifiable clothing while on the trail and serve as eyes and ears for police and the recreation department. (These volunteers will require background checks.)

The third and final action item involves the installation of trial markers.

Trail marker signage will be installed at regular intervals along the trail as a reference for Emergency services as well as to serve as a landmark for trail users.

The trail markers will cost 15 thousand dollars and were part of the 2019 budget.

Walden stresses that Hanover’s Trail system is already safe, but these additional measures will enhance that safety.

Safety concern along Hanover’s Trail system has been voiced by some trail users due to the rise in the transient presence along the trails over the last year or so.

During the warm months, some transients live in what the locals have dubbed ‘Tent City’ in the forested area along Hanover trail system.

This has made many trail users more apprehensive.

Hanover is also instructing its Bylaw Officer to make regular visits to the Trail system to monitor for unleashed dogs on the trail system, which was another concern raised by the public.

Walden adds that both the police and the Town encourage trail users to report any suspicious activity they may witness along the trail, including when they notice people camping out in tents along the trail system.

The Town of Hanover is holding its first meeting for those interested in becoming Eyes and Ears volunteers on the trail on April 30th at 7pm at the P&H Centre.

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