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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Massive Development Plans In Walkerton

Walkerton | by Robyn Garvey  

Draft approval for a large subdivision on Walkerton's west side.

More development coming for Walkerton, Brockton has provided draft approval on a large subdivision application for Walkerton's west side.

With Brockton's blessing in hand, it's full steam ahead for developer Bill Clancy'sWalker West Estates subdivision, which is massive mixed residential development project.

The 216 residential units will include: 94 detached dwellings, 38 semi-detached dwellings, 24 townhouses and 2 apartment buildings with 60 units.

The wide mix of housing units conforms with the Province's policy statement on housing forms, density and tenure.

During a Public Meeting Under the Planning Act on the project a few residents voiced concern about increased traffic, water pressure impact as well as the fear that the development project may increase the current water runoff problem neighboring residents already are experiencing.

Clancy says new roads will be constructed to address traffic volume and he has agreed to build a pump house to address water pressure concerns as the water pressure in this area of town is not that great.

As for concerns about wet backyards or basements, Clancy says his project will not negatively impact neighboring residents.

In fact he says the project may help alleviate some of their water issues, as he will be tiling the land which means neighbouring residents will not have to worry about runoff from his subdivision onto their land.

Clancy is eager to get the shovel into the ground but there are still some hoops to jump through.

He says once the appeal process wraps up, his project will have to undergo a Provincial Environmental and Climate Analysis as well as the regular engineering studies such as water and sewer.

If all goes as planned, he says construction will begin in late Fall.

He says the need for housing is so great in Walkerton, that based on the calls he has already received, he predicts he will have the homes in phase 1 sold out before construction even begins.

The 216 unit housing project will take place in three phases over the next six years.

Clancy says he is investing more than 13 million dollars in the infrastructure alone which includes the roads, land, the servicing and engineering. (This does not include the actual home construction)

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