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Monday, April 1, 2019

OPP Say Watch Out For Farm Vehicles And Horses

Regional | by Claire McCormack  

OPP say "Stay Alert & Share the Road" after two serious collisions last month.

Provincial Police are reminding people to "Stay Alert & Share the Road" after two serious collisions last month between horse-drawn buggies and vehicles.  

Police add, with the spring planting season on the way, expect to encounter more slow moving farm vehicles on the road.

South Bruce OPP Detachment Commander, Inspector Krista Miller says people should, "Remember that horses travelling along the roads can be spooked and may be unpredictable. If you see a horse-drawn vehicle, slow down and be very cautious."

"They are common users of the road and have a right to be on the roadway," says Miller.

Police say drivers should maintain a safe following distance and only pass when it is safe, on the left side, and don't get too close or you could startle the horse, causing it to move suddenly onto the road.

OPP say to remember loud noises can spook animals.

Police say farming and horse-drawn vehicles should have a slow moving vehicle sign to the rear.
They can only travel up to 40 kilometres an hour - so OPP say it's important to be patient and slow down when behind them.

Police say you should watch out for any upcoming turns into a farm lane or onto another road, as hand signals from the buggy operator or farm implement driver may be difficult to see.

Police also note, operators of farm equipment or horse-drawn vehicles are required to have two white lamps to the front and one red tail lamp to the rear when operating one half-hour after sunset to one half-hour before sunrise.


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