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Monday, April 1, 2019

Drive Clean Officially Ends

Regional | by Jill Young  

The Drive Clean emissions testing ceases April 1st after starting in 1999.

As of April 1st, the Drive Clean Program in Ontario is officially no longer.

The program - which began in 1999 - was a mandatory emissions testing initiative for older vehicles to reduce pollution.

The tests have become unnecessary because of significant improvements over the last 20 years in industry standards for cars.

Retirement of older vehicles, introduction of cleaner emissions control technologies and fuel improvements are some of the contributing factors that have reduced emissions.

The program being eliminated will save taxpayers $40 million dollars per year.

Auto Centre Dufferin in Shelburne has been a Drive Clean Testing Facility since the program started, and performed 45,000 tests since then.

Mike Noel says at their facility, they've seen just over a 10% failure rate on average.

He says owners of vehicles will still need to be required to make sure their vehicle emissions systems are operating properly as there will be ongoing on-road inspections.

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