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Sunday, March 31, 2019

Westario Stipend Concern

Brockton | by Robyn Garvey  

Brockton councillor struggles with dollars doled out to local politicians on Westario Board

Should municipal politicians profit from sitting on Boards on behalf of their municipality?

One Brockton Councilor thinks not.

Councilor Steve Adams says it cost just around 100 thousand dollars to cover the stipends for Westario’s nine Board of Governors.

A dollar figure that Adams is really struggling with.

Eight of the nine Board of Governors represent municipalities that sit on Westario. (the 9th member represents Fortis Ontario, a utility company.)

According to Adams the Board of Directors earn an average of 11 thousand dollars and attend four Board of Governance meetings a year. 

Adams has long believed that Westario Directors should not be receiving large compensation for their involvement.
Instead, like other Committees and Boards that municipal politicians sit on, they should only be compensated for their mileage.

After all, Adams says it is the residents through their hydro bills that are footing the bill for these large stipends.
He says too many people are struggling with their high hyrdo bills, he says the 100 thousand dollars plus remuneration for the Board of Directors only intensifies that burden.

Over the years questions have been raised at Brockton Council about the high level of compensation Westario Directors receive and the desire for more transparency as the minutes of the Board of Governance meetings are not provided to Council.

This is Brockton Mayor Chris Peabody’s first term sitting as a Director on Westario.

As part of a campaign promise, Peabody says he will be donating his entire 11 thousand dollar Westario stipend back to community by means of supporting local causes.

Peabody says he will do this cheque by cheque, and says his first cheque will be signed over to the Walkerton Cat Scan fundraising project.

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