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Friday, March 29, 2019

Brockton Road Naming Confusion

Brockton | by Robyn Garvey  

Roads sharing the same names in Greenock, Brant & Walkerton can be confusing for first responders.

When Walkerton, Brant and Greenock amalgamated into the municipality of Brockton in 1999, the three former municipalities maintained all of their original road names, which is now causing some safety concerns.

Councilor Kym Hutcheon believes it is time Brockton sort out its duplicate road names that have already caused concession confusion among Emergency Medical Services.

Recently there was a fire in a Greenock home on the 5th sideroad of Greenock.

Hutcheon says 911 was called and the fire department showed up, however the EMS was 15 minutes late.

She says this is because the EMS went to the 5th side road of Brant first before realizing their mistake and traveling to the 5th side road of Greenock.

Fortunately the homeowners were able to extinguish the fire before even the fire department showed up and there were no injuries.

Brockton’s duplicate concession road numbers can be very difficult to navigate.

For instance Concession Road 10 in Brant and Concession Road 10 in Greenock are only one concession a part.

The share the same concession number followed by a B for Brant or G for Greenock.

When Brockton first amalgamated there was discussion about eliminating duplicate road names to avoid confusion, but the Council of the day opted not to, due to fear of resistance from residence who were not keen on changing their address.

From a 911 standpoint it can be very confusing, especially considering the 911 dispatch centre for OPP is located in London and in Tilsonberg for fire services.

In response to the concession confusion the night of the Greenock fire, Fire Chief Mike Murphy is working with EMS on the matter and will be coming back to Council with a full report.

Hutcheon notes, this time Brockton was fortunate as no one was hurt, she fears however the next time the story could end in tragedy if precious moments are lost when responding to an emergency call due to road number and concession confusion.

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