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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Brockton Decides Not To Pursue County Police Service

Brockton | by Robyn Garvey  

A motion to explore the idea of a county police service has been defeated.

In a 4 -3 decision, Brockton will not be directing the mayor and staff to engage in discussion with
the County of Bruce about the potential for a County wide police service.

Councilor Chris Oberle is not sure why his motion received such

After all, he says the motion was to simply start the discussion at the
County level, not take on a County wide police study or cost proposal.

Oberle notes that seven of Bruce County’s eight municipalities use OPP.

He says these contracts are staggered out which means there will never be a
perfect time when all of the contracts expire at once.

Oberle says he simply wanted to start the conversation at the County level
to see if there was any interest among other municipalities in pursuing a
County wide police force down the road.

Mayor Chris Peabody, Deputy Mayor Dan Gieruszak and Chris Oberle voted in
favour of the motion.

Councilors Steve Adams, James Lang, Kym Hutcheon and Dean Leifso opposed the

Those who opposed the motion cited concerns about staff time pursuing this as
well as concern about what a proposed County wide police force could cost.

Councilor Steve Adams says if he believed there was any merit or savings to
be found in a County police service he would have supported the motion.

In truth however, Adams doesn’t believe a County police service would provide
any real savings or advantages.

After all, he says municipalities can’t afford helicopters, K9 units and
other specialty services that they currently have through OPP policing.

Oberle notes however, not all residents are happy with their OPP service,
saying he has received complaints from rural residents over long response times
and low OPP presence in the rural areas.

Brockton’s contract with the OPP expires June 30th.

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