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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Mayor Luke Charbonneau Addresses Tree Removal

Port Elgin | by John Divinski  

Mature trees along Bruce Road 25, better known as the CAW Road in South Port Elgin were removed recently

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If you've driven along Bruce Road 25, better known as the CAW Road in South Port Elgin, you can't help but notice the huge trees that have been cut down recently.

It's the beginning of a major road/sewer project in the area, but the loss of trees is causing a social media outcry.

Saugeen Shores Mayor Luke Charbonneau says he knows there's been concern about cutting down the trees, which some say number about a dozen.

Charbonneau says it's the beginning of a huge project which includes drainage work being developed along with the road widening and the addition of bike lanes.

Charbonneau says the project has been planned for a long time with "a lot of regard to the impact it was going to have in the whole area."

He says the road work versus the trees is a balancing act but he says the town is planning to plant some mature trees to replace those that had to come down.

Charbonneau says the municipality has reserve funds from the Nuclear Waste Management Organization that was earmarked for tree-planting a couple of years ago and he believes the money will be spent on replacing affected trees with other mature trees.

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