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Monday, March 25, 2019

OPP Present Billing Model

Shelburne | by Phil DeLand  

Representatives from the OPP presented the billing model ahead of next weeks public session.

The process of decision making regarding the OPP continued Monday night in Shelburne.

Council was presented with the OPP Billing Model Presentation.

Presenter Kenneth Kee explained that the billing model presented would follow the three year transitional period.

He said the transitional period would allow the OPP to gather an average cost based on calls for service and other factors.

The base service included in the billing model would be allocated among municipalities on an equal per-property basis.

That service includes legislated activities, proactive policing, officer training and all inspector and staff sergeant positions.

Meanwhile, calls for service is allocated to the municipalities based on their individual usage levels.

Those include all crime calls, provincial statues, motor vehicle collisions and general calls for service.

It doesn't include any incidents normally generated through proactive policing.

Additional costs are billed to the municipalities on their specific usage including overtime, accommodations and enhancements.

Mayor Wade Mills said the outline doesn't give any hard and fast numbers because it would depend on the three year transitional period.

He said the OPP will be back for a public presentation next Wednesday at 6:30 at Grace Tipling Hall.

Mills said the public will have the opportunity to ask questions at that time.

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