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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Hanover Police Budget Finished in Black

Hanover | by Robyn Garvey  

$460,000 surplus will go to the Asset Management Replacement study.

The Hanover Police Services ended their year end with a surplus.

The 460 thousand dollar police surplus says Mayor Sue Paterson is far from the norm.

Paterson attributes the surplus to a few factors including the fact the Hanover Police Services did not hire an inspector until December which means that position was open for almost the entire year.

There was also saving found in salaries and benefits by hiring junior officers versus more senior officers.

The Police budget also experienced some savings in legal expenses.

Town is now strategizing how to best invest this surplus.

Paterson says the 460 thousand dollars is being put aside in a general reserve fund, while the Town conducts an Asset Management Replacement study for Hanover Police Services.

The findings of this study will help determine how the surplus should be spent.

This could be mean updating computers, the phone system, the HVAC units or maybe even replacing an aging cruiser.

Hanover’s Police Budget makes up the biggest portion of the Town’s overall budget.

The 2019 police budget, like the 2018 budget sits at 2.8 million dollars.

Paterson notes while the 2018 surplus was a very pleasant surprise, she is not expecting the 2019 police budget to provide any surplus dollars by year end.


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