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Friday, March 15, 2019

Education Revamp

Toronto | by Ian MacLennan  

New math and sex-ed curriculum, more students in high school classes, ban on cellphones.

High school class sizes will increase by six students to 28,  gender identity and consent will be included in a new sex ed curriculum, there is also a new math curriculum that will replace so-called discovery math,  and no cellphones in the classroom.

Education Minister Lisa Thompson announced the revamp at a news converence today,  that also includes changes to teacher hiring practices.

Classroom cap sizes will increase in high school,  by one student in Grades 4 to 8,  while there will be no change in the cap from kindergarten to Grade 3.

Math will be return to what Thompson calls the "fundamentals," and an emphasis placed on financial literacy.

The revised sex ed curriculum still contains discussions around consent and gender identity but has been moved up to Grade 8 from Grade 2, and parents will have the option of removing their kids from the classroom if there are topics they are uncomfortable with.


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