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Thursday, March 7, 2019

Local Olive Oil Company Not Yet Affected By Loss Of 25 Million Olive Trees

Southampton | by Bayshore News Staff  

Italy's olive oil will soon be totally depleted, but Southampton Olive Oil Co. doesn't just carry Italian oil.

Image from Instagram @southamptonoliveoil 

Canadians have been told Italy's domestic olive oil supply will be fully depleted by April, as reports of  over 25 million Olive Oil trees have been  destroyed due to frost and other unusual weather activity over the winter.

Locally, the owners of the Southampton Olive Oil company Dave and Donna Ruddel do not just rely on Italy for their oils.

"We don't rely on Italy for our Olive Oils," says Dave Ruddel.  "We usually carry a few from Italy but there's great olive oil produced in every county that grows olive trees...the effect on the crops in Italy isn't as important as some may think."

Ruddel notes that Spain is the top producer of Olive Oil in the world. And that his business sells Olive Oil from smaller farms where he says the trees are treated differently than the larger conglomerates that saw so much tree loss.

"When you're dealing with growers that are on their land and know almost every tree by name...and if they see a problem they get right on it," says Ruddel.

He says that since they opened their Southampton Store four years ago they've known of consistent issues with crops around the world every year. And the issues coming from Italy, "hasn't affect us this so far this year". He adds, "I don't believe we will see a shortage coming through until summer time."

The Southampton business uses oils from both Northern and the Southern Hemisphere and follow the oil crushing cycle to be able to replenishing their oils every six months as olive oil has a shelf life of a year and half.


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