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Monday, March 4, 2019

Perth-Huron United Way Pushed For Municipalities To Pay Living Wage

Huron-Perth | by Peter Jackson  

New living wage in two counties set at $17.44 in hour, in dual-income household with two kids.

The United Way Perth-Huron is working to get municipalities on board as "Living Wage Champions".

The Social Research and Planning Council updated its living wage benchmark to $17.44 an hour last November.

The SRPC bases the living wage on the needs and expenses of a family of four with two parents, each of whom works full-time at 35 hours a week.

United Way Executive Director Ryan Erb says the living wage concept is catching on in both Counties.

He mentions that an increasing number of private sector employers are committing to paying their staff at the SRPC living wage level.

Erb adds that United Way and SRPC staff have addressed municipal Councils in Huron and Perth several times, since the living wage was unveiled in 2015.

The current living wage marks the first increase from the original $16.47 an hour, set four years ago.

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