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Monday, March 4, 2019

Hanover Hospital to Take Part in Mental Health Task Force

Hanover | by Robyn Garvey  

Pathways, Protocols, Partnership was created by the Local Health Integration Network.

A special task force has been created by the LHIN.

The goal of Pathways, Protocols, Partnership initiative is to identify barriers and come up with solutions concerning youth mental health and addictions.

A 30 thousand dollar grant from the LHIN (Local Health Integration Network) is financing this think-tank project.

The taskforce is working together to:

-explore the possibilities of rural health and wellness hubs,

-explore opportunities to address challenges and prevent crisis,

-explore opportunities to avoid Emergency Department admissions and

-improve clinical outcomes for the youth and adolescents in Grey Bruce who suffer from mental health issues and addictions.

Hanover and District Hospital President Dana Howes is part of this taskforce and knows first hand how under resourced this region is when it comes to youth mental health and addictions resources.

Howes says youth mental health and addictions continues to be one of the biggest health issues that plagues this region.

She says lack of resources is the major stumbling block.

By working together with other agencies in this taskforce, Howes says they hope to come up with a Grey Bruce solution that will better address the current gaps and shortcomings in the system.

As part of this process the taskforce is reviewing the current model and will be making recommendations in an attempt to develop an equitable, accessible, integrated approach across the health care sectors, community and social services when it comes to youth mental health and addictions.

The goal is to have these recommendations submitted to the LHIN by March 31st.

The taskforce is made up of leaders from the hospital sector, Home and Community Support, Family Health Teams, Keystone Child and Youth Services, Corrections and the education sector.


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