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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Awards For Hanover Swimmers

Hanover | by Robyn Garvey  

Awards for Hanover’s advanced swim programs under the Lifesaving Society roll in.

Hanover’s Aquatics pros will be in Toronto this evening, Bayshore Broadcasting News Reporter Robyn Garvey says they will be honored at the Governor’s Awards Gala by the Royal Life Saving Society as the recipients of both the M.G. Griffiths Cup and the R. Bredin Stapells Cup.

The awards for Hanover’s advanced swim programs under the Lifesaving Society continue to roll in.

This is the eighth and ninth award that Hanover’s Lifesaving Society advanced swim programming has received.

For outgoing Aquatics Manager Bert Lennox, the awards coming on the very same day that she retires after 21 years with Hanover’s Parks and Recreation Department.

Lennox is thrilled she is able to go out with a ‘bang’ so to speak.

Lennox’s successor, Steph Burt vows to continue to promote strong leadership and quality programming in Hanover’s advanced swim programs.

She says there is a shortage of lifeguards across the Province, which makes advanced swim programs like Hanover’s so important.

She adds that providing youth with swimming lessons is a very important life skill.

Lennox couldn’t agree more, calling swim instructors real life hero’s for saving lives and preventing water related deaths through the swim training programs.

The two newest awards that Hanover is receiving recognize leadership training and quality programming on per capita bases.

Both Lennox and Burt encourage youth to consider enrolling in the advanced Lifesaving Swim programs offered at the Hanover Aquatics Centre.


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