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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Huron County Health Unit Recognizes March As Nutrition Month

Huron County | by Fadi Didi  

Health officials say March a time to discover healthy food in a new way.

Health officials are recognizing March as Nutrition Month along Ontario's West Coast.

The Huron County Health Unit is everyone to celebrate the potential of food to fuel us, to bring us together, and to discover food in new ways.

Public Health Dietitian Amy MacDonald says, "there is no one-size-fits all approach to nutrition. What works for you will vary based on your life, hunger, food, and preferences. Your individual needs change throughout your life."

Nutrition Month comes weeks after Health Canada released an updated food guide, which increased the presence of plant-based foods in the suggested diet of Canadians.

The new guide makes four general suggestions: Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables; eat whole grain foods; eat protein foods; and eat foods with healthy fats.

If you have specific nutrition questions, MacDonald suggests talking to a registered dietitian to get a personalized answer.

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