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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Hanover Hospital Board Awaits Information on Provincial Health Care Reforms

Hanover | by Robyn Garvey  

Unclear at this point how hospitals will be impacted by creation of Ontario Health, other changes

Tuesday’s announcement about the Ford government’s new health care platform has caught the attention of the the Hanover and District Hospital Board. 

Hospital President and CEO Dana Howes is eager to learn more about the Ford government’s new Ontario Health super agency.

She says from most accounts she believes it is coming from the right place in that the government is very much touting ‘let’s do this for the patients and let’s do it right’.

Board of Governor Chair Lorna Eadie-Hocking is awaiting more information to be released in order to better understand how this new Ontario Health super agency will impact hospitals.

That information will be released to hospital CEOs next Monday in a meeting led by the Ontario Hospital Association.
Howes says the session will help CEOs really understand what these changes will mean for hospitals in Ontario.

This will include an emphasis on how to best serve patients as well as how to work together to improve health care.

What Howes finds most intriguing about the new platform is the fact that the Province is encouraging health care providers to make proposals, work with their partners and remove those silos.

Howes says she still doesn’t know all of the criteria involved but says this is something that the Hanover and District Hospital would be eager to look into.

She calls this a very unique approach, and believes this is the Province’s way of asking health care providers to help rebuild the system.

Howe’s applauds this approach, which allows input from those within the system rather than just doing a ‘top down’ approach.

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