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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Changes at Hanover Walkerton Landfill

Hanover | by Robyn Garvey  

Reduced hours, staffing alterations expected to save $41,000 annually

Some changes on the way for the Hanover Walkerton Landfill site.

Come May, the days of operation will drop from five to four days a week. 

After reviewing the numbers, it was determined that Wednesday would be the day dropped from the schedule.

Another change on the way come May, the actual operation of the landfill will no longer be contracted out and instead be done in-house by a municipal employee.

By reducing the hours of operation and having the site operations provided by municipal staff, the Landfill will realize a savings of almost 41 thousand dollars a year.

Hanover Councilor and Waste Management Committee member Warren Dickert says the Hanover Walkerton Landfill needs to seek out savings wherever possible.

It’s anticipated that construction of Cell No. 2 which will be required by 2023 will cost 1.6 million dollars.

This will be a challenge as there is currently about $790,551 dollars in the Landfill Reserve Account. (as of Dec 31st 2018)

As for the overall tonnage received, in 2018, 5.688 tonnes of waste went into the Hanover Walkerton Landfill site.

This represents a 0.68% decrease from 2017, in which 5.727 tonnes of waste received.

Dickert calls the numbers encouraging, reminding residents to recycle whenever possible.

He adds properly recycling means to ensure recyclables are fairly clean, this includes rinsing out jars and cans when needed.

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