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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Possible Local Business Scam

Collingwood | by Catherine Thompson  

There is a possible local scam one woman wants you to be aware of.

There is a possible local scam one woman wants you to be aware of.

Lynn Legg of Berkeley tells Max FM that she booked a dinner and snowmobile tour online on a reputable looking website for a company called Ride On Rentals serving Collingwood and the Blue Mountains.

Legg says she booked the excursion on January 20th using her credit card and even got a receipt.

But she says when her husband and nephew showed up on the tour date yesterday (Tuesday) at the designated time and place, no one showed up to conduct the tour.

She tells us she has tried to contact the number on the website, as well as text and has sent emails all of which have gone unanswered.

Our reporter also tried to call and got the same message saying the person you are calling is not available.

But when our reporter tried to book online on a number of different dates, the website is now saying unavailable.

Legg says she too had to try a number of times to find an available date.

Max FM has reviewed a number of TripAdvisor reviews of similar experiences warning that this is a scam or that the company is no longer in business.

Again, our attempts to contact Ride On Rentals have not been answered.

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